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Year 6 Study the Victorians

Year 6 study the Victorian artifacts

We had a loan box in school.  Inside there were lots of Victorian artefacts, we had a look at all of the artefacts and guessed what they were.

There were a lot of things I didn’t know the name of and I had never seen before.  Many of the items were used for weird and strange things like, the “Gazunder.”  This went under a child’s bed so they could go to the toilet in it.  Another item was a pair of “clogs.”  They were a big heavy pair of shoes that working class Victorians wore, the rich wore softer shoes which were much comfier than the clogs.

By Grace Pountain

My favourite item was the “Jelly Mould,” this was used to make the jelly have a nice pattern and design on it.  The item I found the most interesting was, “The glass water bottle.”  It was made by Joseph Schweppes.  The Victorians used the bottle to store carbonated water. 

There were some pictures of the old Victorian times, like children working in the mills and an old steam train.  It was very interesting to use all of those artefacts.

Aidan Peters-Ali


Year 6 was very lucky to enjoy the Victorian loan box form Touchstones.  We had lots of fun activities, we could do like dress up and then we could guess the different objects.  We were also very surprised at some of the items.  We had to guess what they were and some of us thought that the “Gazunder” or “Chamber Pot” was a cup or a pan, but it turned out to be used as a toilet!  We were all very shocked.

We learnt about lots of new things like the “Donkey Stone.”  We figured out that the Victorian women loved to use them for scrubbing the steps outside their house.  Women felt very proud of their house.

Grace Pountain

Date online: 05 December 2018

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