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Christmas Lecture


Year 11’s annual Christmas lecture was this year given by Brian Cox and entitled “Exploring the Universe: From the Beginning to the End of Time”. As he now teaches Physics at the University of Manchester it was anticipated to be good one. Accompanied by Mrs Grange and Mr Dowland Year 11 braved the heavy rain and puddles. Brian Cox started by using a model to show the galaxies and stars. A trillion galaxies in only the part we can see. A million Earths fit inside the Sun and we can’t feel that we are moving. He tried to explain Einstein’s theory of Relativity of Space and Time. This then lea to his theory of Gravity. He showed a video of a feather and a bowling ball falling at the same rate. He explained about how light bends around a Black hole and how the film Interstellar was influenced by the Nobel prize winner who wrote the computer program to show it. He also showed a picture of plasma before the stars and planets were made when it was too hot to form atoms. He then explained the Big Bang theory and red shift of our expanding Universe. He inspired some of our pupils to go on to study Science.

Date online: 06 December 2018

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Summer Term 2019
12 September 2018 - 31 August 2019

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