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Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

The expedition proved challenging but we formed the consensus that it was certainly worth it. The expedition challenged our orienteering skills as well as map navigation and our physical durability. There were two groups, one of five and one of four. The larger group consisted of Ellie, Maya, Jess, Rebecca and Hiba. The smaller group was made up of Matt, Adam, Ross and Nick

Day 1 - we travelled to Matlock, Barn Farm. We confronted temperatures as high as 28°C, that lasted throughout the journey. The walk lasted six hours with the sun remaining present, however we took the time, to appreciate the views the walk provided us with as we journeyed through the countryside! We arrived at camp tired but relieved, as we set up our tents and prepared for the following day. We finally relaxed and enjoyed the break we were provided. We socialised through games such as "Never Have I Ever" and talking but most importantly, ate. We used Trangias to cook our meals, which would last us the rest of the day and a part of the next. Some of us had already started to develop blisters from the walking, which remained troublesome. Throughout the night the peacocks on site would prove more than irritating as they were screeching for no good reason and roaming the campsite. We assumed they would sleep however we were proven wrong, they remained awake, just to keep us company!

Day 2 - we travelled to Cottage Farm campsite in Taddington. We woke up in the early hours of the morning, to escape the sun before it reached the high temperatures, as seen from the day before, and we're ready to start the walk at 7am. We walked for a total of seven hours, with the sun catching us at roughly 10:30am. The four person group of which I was a part of was caught in a valley which provided unique scenery at the cost of an extra hour and plenty of water. Stuck in the valley with no water, we remained level headed, so much so that we had begun to write our wills. After lunch and a moment to refill our water, we continued with the five person group roughly half an hour ahead. The 5 five person group reached the campsite at 2pm, with us appearing at 3pm after taking a break and a view of the expanse of the fields. When we approached the campsite, the other group had already set up their tents. We continued to do the same socialising and eating plenty, as the day before.

Day 3- was an interesting day lasting six hours and provided views from high points of the surrounding area and a laboratory which we walked past along a derailed train track. As we approached the car park we reflected on the expedition, and the sights and experience it provided us. At 12 midday we were ready to go home because of our exhaustion catalysed by the heat.


Overall, the expedition was tough and certainly challenging but remains a unique experience which is difficult to get anywhere else. The D of E expedition is certainly a good opportunity for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or simply wants to experience something new. With our practice expedition completed we have the qualifying expedition remaining!

Nicholas Dodd

Date online: 02 July 2018

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Academic Year 2020 - 2021
24 August 2020 - 31 August 2021

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