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Poetry Winners

Life in Lockdown

By Hattie Whitbread


Covid 19 is putting a crazy effect on us all,

All the staying inside and ‘no seeing your friends’ is sure to appal,

We all thought 2020 would be a wonderful year,

But now we’re all hoping the end is somewhat near.


Everything is cancelling, it seems there’s nothing to do,

But there are still fun things for me and you,

Puzzles, games, whatever makes you happy,

Spending time with family, is this starting to sound sappy?


School was online, now some are starting to open,

It is fun to see our friends and we know we are copin’,

However, we have to maintain out two metre distance, not matter how hard that is,

All of this change and excitement will make you want to fizz!


Though these times are stressful and these times are tough,

I’m sure we can all be healed with a little bit of love,

So one day in the future when you’re teaching your kids about hygiene,

Tell them about all of your adventures in quarantine.

Covid Tower

By Sophie Wilkinson


As many countries suffer, 

Sadly things will get tougher,

Protect yourself from this pandemic,

Which is bound to be quite hectic,

Although the days seem quite long,

As a nation we must stay strong,

Occupying our minds playing games and puzzles,

We try to forget all our troubles,


Nations longing for survival,

Covid becomes our greatest rival,

With this virus requiring full capacity,

It now becomes a severe reality,

Reminding ourselves of those precious memories we once had,

Longing to see our precious grandad,

Our greatest power must be love,

But will we rise above?


With our guidance to stay in self isolation,

Let this not shrink our mind to deflation,

You and I both know,

That the death rate must go below,

Waiting for the day we can go free,

When will that be?

We give the NHS our trust,

We must not be unjust,


Just wait for the day when the restriction is over,

Our affliction will be no longer,

The nations will be joyous,

And Covid will no longer destroy us,

All we can do is hope for a vaccine,

And concentrate on hygiene,

Let’s use love as our power,

To try and get over this Covid tower.


Date online: 29 July 2020

Diary Dates

Academic Year 2022 -23
09 January 2022 - 01 August 2023
Academic Year 2021-22
09 January 2022 - 01 August 2022

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